Sherry Jackson


Sherry Peel Jackson was a certified public accountant who worked for the IRS.

Theories Advocated/Promoted

She publicly proclaimed that there was no law requiring anyone to file a return and no law making anyone liable for the federal income tax.

Books, Web Sites, Videos, and Organizations

She had a web site at

Court Actions

She had been a named plaintiff in the "We the People" (Robert Schulz) lawsuit seeking to enjoin the IRS for violations of the 1st Amendment's right to petition.

Jackson was later indicted for and, in October of 2007, was found guilty of four counts of willful failure to file tax returns, and was sentenced to serve four years in federal prison. United States v. Sherry Peel Jackson, No. 1:07-cr-00108-ODE-GGB-1 (N.D. Ga. 2/20/2008), aff'd No. 08-10651 (11th Cir. 9/10/2008). According to the on-line inmate locator of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, she was prisoner #59085-019 and was released on August 8, 2011.

In November 2007, after her trial, she surrendered her license as a certified public accountant to the Georgia State Board of Accountancy.


As part of its sentencing motion, the government produced evidence that Jackson had communicated and collaborated with Larken Rose, Joseph Banister, and Robert Schulz. At her trial, Jackson was defended by Lowell Becraft.

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